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The Return of Indulgences?

Written by Rev. H.A. Bergsma
For $100 (US) a year, you can adopt a nun in New Jersey and have her pray for you. So far, the Adopt-a-Sister program has raised $275,000 toward the $5 million needed for a retirement home for the 140 nuns of the Salesian Sisters of St. John Bosco, reports the Philadelphia Inquirer. One man reportedly remits $1000 a month, asking: ÒHow many nuns can I get?Ó (From Christian Renewal)

We might pretend that the Roman Catholic church has changed since the days of the Reformation, so that Evangelicals and Catholics can work together on certain projects, but can they, and ignore their doctrinal differences? Consider the latest advertisement in The Interim (a Pro-Life paper, but strongly Catholic oriented): ÒOne Mass gives more praise and thanksgiving, atones for more sins, and draws down more mercy and blessings on us than does the eternal worship of all the souls in heaven, on earth, or in purgatory! The Holy Mass also gives a soul in Purgatory the greatest possible relief! Every Mass atones for your venial sins, diminishes your temporal punishment, helps you overcome sin, and wins for you a higher degree of glory in Paradise.Ó

How Roman Catholic can you get! It is time for another Martin Luther.

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