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Interview with Student Jason Keuning

Written by Student Jason Keuning
Jason Keuning is a third-year student for the ministry. Jason originally is from Hamilton, Ontario. He and his wife Lidia and their pre-school child reside in Grand Rapids, Michigan, where he attends PRTS.
Through GodÕs providence, Lidia, Margaret and I spent five weeks serving in Alberta. I was on loan from the Theological Education Committee to the Home Missions Committee to serve the needs of the preaching stations in Calgary and Lacombe under the supervision of Monarch Consistory. Our time in Alberta was challenging and enjoyable. We found it to be a very excellent learning experience. The seed of GodÕs Word was sown in and outside the church walls. It awaits GodÕs continued blessing. Lord, Òdo good in thy good pleasure unto Zion: build thou the walls of Jerusalem!Ó (Psalm 51:18) ÒLet thy work appear unto thy servants, and thy glory unto their children. And let the beauty of the LORD our God be upon usÓ (Psalm 90:16-17a).

We arrived in Calgary on July 2, and remained there for two weeks. We stayed in a university dormitory in the city. Then we moved to Lacombe for most of the rest of our stay. From Wednesday to Saturday of our third week, Lidia and Margaret remained in Fort MacLeod while Rev. Schoeman and I spent time with the youth at the Blue Bronna Wilderness Camp. I was called to speak and lead discussions about the wonders of GodÕs creation. After the camp, we went back to Lacombe, where we stayed for the remaining two weeks. On August 5 we flew to Toronto and drove back to our home in Grand Rapids.

Perhaps my primary responsibility and privilege was to bring the Word of God to the preaching stations on the LordÕs Days. May GodÕs Word bring forth fruit! It was good to worship the Lord together as the body of Christ. We look forward to the day when all the earth will worship God (Psalm 66:4).

The Lord also opened up opportunities for evangelism work in Alberta. In Calgary and Lacombe, through Bible study and discussion, we worked together toward understanding the ChurchÕs calling to proclaim the gospel to every person (Mark 16:15). In Calgary and Lacombe we tried to put what we learned into action: handing out literature and talking to people. Through some friends in Ontario, I came into contact with Chip Welton, an evangelist with Open Air Campaigners. We worked together in doing street evangelism. This involved literature distribution, conversing with people, and sketch board presentations. Also, in Lacombe I knocked on doors, and handed out the booklet introducing the Free Reformed denomination and a brochure introducing Lacombe Free Reformed Church.

Our brothers and sisters in Calgary and Lacombe allowed us to fellowship with them in various ways. We interacted with them at their homes and in the hospital, at a birthday party and a church picnic, informally and formally, socially and spiritually, in the car and over the coffee table.

Finally, we spent some wonderful time together as a family in the park, on horseback, and at the zoo.

Over all, our time in Alberta was a wonderful learning experience. It gave us a taste of the type of work that ministers do. It helped make us look forward to labouring full-time in GodÕs vineyard.

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