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Mission Briefs

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From Mary Overduin Ð Some excerpts from her December ÒCircular Letter.Ó
ÒA major happening since the last time I wrote you was the institution of the church. In preparation for the event several of the people who had never yet been legally married, did so, both in the municipality and in the church. It was actually quite moving to see how happy they were that now they had done what God wanted them to do. During the ceremony it was quite something to see them struggle to get the rings on!Ó

ÒThank you for the many cards and letters I received for my birthday. Maybe next year (1996), the Lord willing, I will be on furlough at birthday time. After my last letter many have been asking me about my hand/arm. I had quite a setback in August but since then it has settled again. A few weeks ago it was so good that I contemplated stopping with the medicine, however it still flares up now and then so that I will wait a little, but hope to try it before the end of the year.Ó

ÒThanks again for your prayerful support and encouragement. Please continue to pray for all of us, that we may live our lives and do our work to the honour and glory of God because to Him alone belongs all the honour and praise.Ó

From Cubulco, Guatemala
Rev. Ken Herfst writes: ÒTo have this opportunity to teach (and preach in Cubulco and surrounding area so much influenced by paganism and syncretistic Roman Catholicism) is nothing short of a miracle! It is clearly GodÕs doingÉDeeply conscious of our own weaknesses, lack of faith, and at the same time, of the danger to get in the way of what God is doing, we realize we need grace, wisdom, and patience to teach (and preach, and live here) ion a way that the only offence will be that of the cross.Ó

From Indonesia
Klaas and Josje Pikkert, members of the Hamilton FRC, are currently in Indonesia, on the island of Java, where Mr. Pikkert, a retired high school teacher, teaches in a mission school. At the Christian school where he works: ÒThe non-Christian students have to attend all devotions, attend all Bible classes and do also the memory work. Their parents had to sign an agreement to this effect and they gladly do it to give their children an English-speaking North American education. It is an excellent mission opportunity to show these students the importance of having Jesus Christ as their Saviour. At home they talk about it with their parents. I have a very serious Buddhist girl in one of my classes who reads her Bible very faithfully every day and discusses it with her parents.Ó

ÒLast year we lived in Turkey in the city of Istanbul and now we live in Indonesia, but there is a big difference between these two countries. We have been here since August in a town called Salatiga on the island of Java, which is predominantly a land of mountain peaks and smoking volcanoesÉIt is a land of strong contrasts: wealth and squalor, majestic open country and crowded filthy cities, rural scenes and modern trafficÉIndonesia has a population of 815 millionÉThis is an area where many Dutch soldiers lost their lives during the battle for independence of IndonesiaÉThe Javanese are a very friendly people and have nothing against the Dutch. However, we feel sometimes ashamed to mention that we are from Dutch background, not that we get to know the colonial side of the storyÉWe hopeÉthat you also realize that Indonesia needs a lot of prayer and help, because at least 165 million are non-ChristiansÉ

ÒWe really miss a good Reformed sermon and it helps us that we are able to listen to a tape in the eveningÉMail for us is a lifeline with the world we know and where we have family and friendsÉÓ

Klaas and Josje Pikkert
Box 142
Salatiga Jateng
50701 Indonesia

Mediterranean Missions Ð Rev. Terry Atkinson
Mediterranean Mission is an interdenominational mission organization sponsoring particularly the work of Rev. Terry Atkinson and his wife Cathy in Italy. Our churches are also main contributors to Mediterranean Missions and on his trips to Canada and the United States Rev. Atkinson often preaches in the various Free Reformed churches. During February and March he is serving the London, Ontario congregation. In a recent newsletter from Rev. Atkinson he writes about the difficulties involved in starting a church and he asks this pertinent question: ÒHow many non-Christians or non-church goers have you entertained in your home this past year so that you might have an opportunity of speaking to them of Christ?Ó

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