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Solar Cooker Invention

Written by Rev. H.A. Bergsma
Jan Dierkx of Ermelo, the Netherlands, has invented the Solar Cooler, a box with a light-weight metal pan and a lid made of double glass. This simple invention has turned out to be a great help in African countries where fuel for cooking has become scarce. The Solar Cooker apparently is cheap and well suited for the African climate, and can be brought to high temperature cooking, eliminating damaging bacteria. Meanwhile Trans World Radio, an international radio mission organization, has begun to produce, transport and sell Solar Cookers in Africa. This invention has led to increased mission activity in Africa, through the opportunity of teaching the people how to cook the new way, and at the same time bringing them the Word of God. (Gleaned and translated from DeWekker)

Is this invention perhaps something for our mission field as well?

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