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The Reformed Church of Quebec

Written by Rev. H.A. Bergsma
Formally, since 1988, a Reformed Church has existed in Quebec. LÕEglise Reformee du Quebec (ERQ) was able to send a fraternal delegate, pastor Jean-Guy deBlois to the last ARC meeting in November 1995, in order to introduce the denomination. The ERQ has presently about 300 adults in six churches, with two full-time pastors. Although small in number and size, ERQ has managed to provide seminary studies as well, through Institut Farel. Pastor deBlois has extended an invitation: ÒIf you would like a representative from our Church and/or from Institut Farel to speak to your congregation, consistory, session, study group or other, we will be glad to do so at your request.Ó On the back of the seminary pamphlet is an interesting challenge: ÒRemember, the truths of the Reformation were passed on to you, English-speaking people, largely through the work of French-speaking Christians such as Farel and Calvin and their Academy School of Geneva. God is now giving you a golden opportunity to hand on the gospel to the French-speaking people in Canada! You too, may become a part of a vital Reformed and evangelical mission, right on your own back doorstep.Ó Pastor deBlois can be contacted for further interesting information at LÕEglise Reformee du Quebec, 5377, Marechai-Joffre, Charny, Quebec G6X 3C9.
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