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Christian Medical Association Denounces APA for Homosexuality Endorsement

Written by Rev. H.A. Bergsma
A spokesman for the Christian Medical Association is denouncing the American Psychological Association's endorsement of homosexual "marriage." APA president, Diane Halpern, said recently that the organization would adopt a policy supporting homosexual marriage because, as she says, "keeping gays from marrying puts a particular stress on them because of their sexual orientation." But Dr. Robert Rogan of the Christian Medical Association says he believes the APA is overstepping its bounds by giving a green light to something once classified as a mental disorder. Rogan also contends there may be some political motivation behind the APA announcement. "I think there are certainly questions about the people's bias and preconceived notions and own past history that goes into making these decisions," he says. And speaking of Halpern, Rogan says, "she's definitely going out on a limb--and of course, she also knows that she's making a statement that clearly is against the majority of Americans who believe that this is wrong." Rogan states that his biggest concern is the consequences of asserting that something God proclaimed to be evil is really good and healthy. (From Agape Press)
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