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Official Pleads with Christians to 'Vote Their Values':

Written by Rev. H.A. Bergsma
At a recent Capitol Hill summit a Republican official told young conservatives it is crucial that Christians vote their values in this year's upcoming elections. According to an Associated Press report, Republican National Committee's Drew Ryun addressed the Eagle Forum Collegians Leadership Summit in Washington, D.C., saying the Bible clearly teaches that Christians should be morally opposed to abortion and homosexual marriage and should vote accordingly. "The Bible speaks very clearly on those and how we are to act on those issues," Ryun says. The son of Kansas Congressman Jim Ryun told his audience the Bible is the "foundation upon which to build the rest of our lives," but that a growing effort to silence churches on moral issues is under way. The GOP's grassroots development director also told the crowd that this year's election will be a clash of worldviews between "post-modern relativists who believe that anything goes," and those Americans "who believe in absolute truth." (Crosswalk)

It is good to hear that someone still believes in absolute truth and is willing to promote it and stand up for it. Pray that Christians may remember this when it is time to cast their ballot.

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