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Christian Fired For Biblical Stand on Homosexuality Wins Lawsuit

Written by Rev. H.A. Bergsma
A Denver man has been awarded more than $140,000 in a civil rights lawsuit he filed against communications giant AT&T over its diversity policy. Albert Buonanno was described as a model employee by his supervisors at AT&T Broadband, where he worked from January 1999 to February 2001, but was fired after he refused to sign off on portions of the company's diversity policy that dealt with homosexuality. Buonanno, a Christian, said he had no intention of discriminating against homosexuals, but told his employer he could not in good conscience sign anything indicating his agreement with the wording of the diversity policy. As a result, the company fired Buonanno. He later sued his former employers, arguing that they had discriminated against him for his religious beliefs. A federal judge recently decided in his favour, ruling that AT&T had indeed discriminated against the Christian worker. The Rutherford Institute represented Buonanno in the lawsuit, and his attorney believes his client's victory was largely due to his integrity--the very quality that made it impossible for him to sign off on the diversity policy in the first place. "He never said anything derogatory; he just could not agree with it," the attorney says. (From Agape Press)

Unless God intervenes, it will not be long before most if not all of the courts will refuse to take the ChristianÕs side.

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