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From Our Theological Instructor

Written by Dr. G.M. Bilkes
We are in the final weeks of an academic year at Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary (PRTS). It humbles us again to think that the Lord has mercifully sustained us.

Both students and instructors have expended much labour over the last months. Currently, the students are writing final papers, giving presentations, and preparing for final exams. From April 13 to April 23, Dr. L. W. Bilkes is teaching a course on Pastoral and Practical Ethics. In May Rev. Schouls will conduct a one-week preaching seminar with our students. This is a valuable opportunity for the students to receive help in constructing sermons for summer preaching. Rev. Herfst is also coming to teach a one-week course on church planting. The seminary is eagerly anticipating this course. There is a great burden for the work of planting churches among the students and the denominations represented here at the seminary. There are many open doors. Yet, there are also many obstacles and pit-falls. We need the light of the Word to show us the proper way.

This past semester I have been privileged to teach two courses on different parts of the Bible. The one was on the historical books of the Old Testament (Joshua through Esther). The second was on the epistle to the Hebrews and the 7 General Epistles (James through Jude). I have been struck by the relevance of the General Epistles to the issues the church struggles with today. In the words of one commentator: ÒHere are strengthening words for days of storm and testing, and cheering words of nights dark and starless, and guiding words for times of mental perplexity and of moral peril. They come to us across distant centuries, but they meet precisely our modern needs. They are weighted with divine mysteries, but they chiefly concern human duties. They contain references to every cardinal doctrine of Christianity, and touch every phase of Christian experience.Ó

You have undoubtedly been updated {see the April issue of The Messenger, CP] about the developments surrounding the new PRTS building. We broke ground on March 18. As I write to you, the foundation is being poured. Estimates about the completion of the building range from September to December. We have much reason to be thankful to the Lord. Not only will the new building provide us with much needed space, but also help the process of state accreditation and the issuance of degrees.

We are deeply thankful to you for the outpouring of love and support we have received, but especially for your unceasing prayers on our behalf. You have been Òfellow-helpers to the truthÓ (3 John 8). We also pray for you. We long to see days of the right hand of the Most High. Let us pray that his work may Òappear unto his servantsÓ and his glory Òunto their childrenÓ (Ps 90:16). To the praise of the glory of His grace.

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