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Imprisoned Pastor Fears For His Life (China)

Written by Rev. H.A. Bergsma
Pastor Gong Shengliang told his sisters during a short visit on April 12 that he will not survive much longer if he is not transferred to a different prison. Unable to walk, Gong was carried into the visiting hall by four other prisoners. When one of the sisters asked a guard to explain his injuries, she was told that he had fallen while washing windows. Supposedly Gong was washing the inside of the windows, but somehow fell outside of the building. For the past 411 days, Gong has had his arms and legs in chains. Everywhere he goes two guards accompany him. When his sisters asked him why he had stopped writing letters, Gong told them, "I don't have the strength to write. When I pick up my pen, there are lots of troubles." When one of the sisters complained to the prison director, Sun Wenquan, about his injuries, she was told that he was a model prisoner, except that he refuses to denounce his faith or stop praying and preaching. The sisters were told, "He is so into the Bible that he has lost touch with reality." The Voice of the Martyrs encourages people to contact the Chinese government to protest the treatment of Gong and to request a prison transfer without which he may not survive many more weeks. Contact information for Chinese embassies is available at Pray for physical healing for Pastor Gong. Pray that the mistreatment will stop. Pray that the Chinese government will listen to international pressure and that Gong will be acquitted of the false charges against him. (From The Voice of the Martyrs)

Letters of encouragement can also be sent to Pastor Gong in the following way: Pastor Gong Shengliang, Prison Section Four Te Yi Hao, Hongshan Prison, Miaoshan Development Zone, Jiangxia District, Wuhan City, Hubei Province, People's Republic of China 430223.

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