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Ron Gray: Svend 'Always on the Right Side'? - By What Standard?

Written by Rev. H.A. Bergsma
ÒWhen the news broke that MP Svend Robinson was taking a Òmedical leave of absenceÓ from public life because he had shoplifted an expensive ring, I happened to be on the phone with CHP Deputy Leader David Reimer. Our first reaction was to pray for Mr. Robinson. WeÕve long opposed much of what the man stands for, but never the man himself.Ó Some Supreme Court justices canÕt or wonÕt understand that, but Christians will. During the newscast announcing the homosexual MPÕs scandal, CTV political commentator Craig Oliver observed that Mr. Robinson, Òmay have gone over the top at times, but heÕs always been on the right side of social justice issues.Ó Oh, really? Who says? And most important: by what standard? For that matter, by what standard does Robinson--or Oliver--decide that stealing is ÔwrongÕ? Or that advocacy of sexual perversion is ÔrightÕ? That off-hand statement by CTVÕs Parliament Hill commentator reveals a core weakness in both politics and journalism in Canada today: ÔrightÕ and ÔwrongÕ have become moving targets, subject to the momentary whim of journalists, politicians--and Supreme Court justices--who are all operating with no fixed standards. ItÕs like having a ship with no keel: you just canÕt keep it on course. Or worse, like a shipÕs navigator with neither map, compass nor stars to guide him: he doesnÕt even have a clue what the ÔcourseÕ ought to be! Mr. Robinson left the door wide open for a return to politics, and the media are indulging in an orgy of pity for him. Certainly no one should hit the man when heÕs down. But we should ask a much more important question about ourselves and our sources of information and moral guidance: by what standard shall we, as a nation, live? ItÕs the most important question of all.Ó Ron Gray, National Leader of the Christian Heritage Party. (From CommuniquŽ #16)

Mr. Gray is correct in his assessment of Canadian politics, especially of our Liberal government, of Canadian journalism, especially that of the CBC, and of the Canadian Supreme Court. Let us hope that with the removal of Svend Robinson, who is the author behind Bill C250, this bill might also be removed.

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