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Hywel R. Jones to Succeed Iain H. Murray

Written by Rev. H.A. Bergsma
At the end of this summer Dr. Hywel R. Jones hopes to join the full-time staff of the Banner of Truth Trust. On November 1 he will take over the leadership role in the publications and editorial work of the Trust from Iain Murray. Dr. Jones will relinquish his post as Principal of the London Theological Seminary, a post which he has occupied since 1985. The appointment of Dr. Jones as Editorial Director of the Banner of Truth Trust continues the TrustÕs policy of having an experienced minister of the Gospel in a role which involves a world-wide teaching ministry through literature, conferences and other means. Like Rev. Murray, Hywel Jones is both a preacher and author. His works include Gospel and Church, Commentary on Philippians, and Only One Way: Do people have to believe in Christ in order to go to Heaven? Iain Murray, as one of the founding trustees in 1957, will continue to serve the Trust in a non-executive role (From Banner of Truth, June 1996).

We wish Dr. Jones the LordÕs richest blessings for his new post, while we retain fond memories of Rev. Murray and his labours for the Banner of Truth Trust.

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