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Cannibalism: Coming Full Circle

Written by Rev. H.A. Bergsma
President ClintonÕs recent veto of the partial birth abortion ban bill and the apparent inability of Congress to override it, seem to confirm that abortion has become part of the American culture. Not only that, but in supporting this procedure, which brings us closer to legalising infanticide, the devaluation of human life has hit a new low. Add to this the increasing popularity of assisted suicide, euthanasia, embryo experimentation, and the use of fetal tissue in medicine and the picture becomes bleak. How far are we from producing pills containing human ingredients for human consumption? Today, even though the scientific community is not yet producing such pills with embryonic or fetal parts for human consumption, this does not mean that such a notion is outside the realm of possibility. This would then be nothing less than cannibalism.

How close are we to this? Consider! The genocide of abortion, the most rampant form of dehumanisation now being conducted, has brought on a callousness towards human life which will easily lend itself to some sort of cannibalism. Research on aborted fetuses is under way to explore their medicinal properties. The embryonic cellÕs properties adaptation could be a viable treatment for ParkinsonÕs or AlzheimerÕs diseases. Furthermore, with recent advances towards the possibility of cloning humans (producing embryonic duplicates), there is now a chance to increase the supply of human fetuses. As this expression of human sacrifice continues, it may well lead to cannibalism (Gleaned from an article in Christian Observer)

Apparently, communist China has already seen this sort of thing, where reports of fetal cannibalism have surfaced, according to Rutherford Magazine of January 1996.

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