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All Nations Reached

Written by Rev. H.A. Bergsma
Dr. D. James Kennedy, founder and president of Evangelism Explosion International, has announced that Evangelism Explosion (EE) has just gone into every nation on the planet. North Korea was the 211th and final nation in which people have been trained in the popular evangelism program. Besides North Korea, the last nations to be reached included Iran, Libya and San Marino--all having repressive governments inimical to the spread of the Gospel. EE has not had an easy time of it. For instance, in one Asian country, where missionaries have not been permitted, the government enforces allegiance to Islam. There are no Christian radio programs, no Scriptures in the local languages, and all incoming mail is checked to screen out religious literature. Nevertheless, an EE teacher-trainer from a neighbouring country visited the country last summer, met and trained five expatriate Christians, and set them to work training others. In this way it can be said that all nations have been reached. (From Christian Observer and United Reformed News Service)

If, indeed, there are no more nations left untouched by the Gospel, the words of Christ in Matthew 24:14 should be seriously considered.

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