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Outcome Based Education

Written by Rev. H.A. Bergsma
A recent education article in the Christian Observer warns against "another educrat's experiment at the expense of education." "Outcome Based Education (OBE) is a shift in methodology ... essentially it changes from effective education, where the emphasis is on reading, writing and arithmetic, to affective education, where it deals with attitudes, behaviour and socialization." Basically, OBE aims to equip a child to be politically correct. Apparently, Sweden once cautioned America, through the Wall Street Journal, not to accept OBE. England used the program for thirty years and abandoned it as an abject failure. Still, the State of Oregon has already spent $17 million in the last biennium on teacher retraining alone, and its Education Association has said it will cost at least $2-1/2 billion to implement OBE. (From Christian Observer, August 1995)

The last comment made by the reporter on OBE was that "Canada is rejecting it almost completely as a failure." Wrong! OBE is being embraced in Canada as a viable methodology of education. This may be something which parents who still have children in public schools should be alerted to. Just ask about OBE or the "Common Curriculum."

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