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Mongolia Pressures Foreign Christians

Written by Rev. H.A. Bergsma
The government of Mongolia has begun restricting the visas and travel permits of foreign Christians. The restrictions began after a speech earlier this year by the Prime Minister, who called for "a cleansing of the country of Christians." Many foreign Christians have entered Mongolia professionally as teachers or technical consultants. They have had some opportunities to witness, but one was told recently if he said anything about Jesus, his work would end. The Ministry of Labour recently denied a visa renewal for a US pastor who was leading one of the largest churches in Mongolia. Despite such threats and setbacks, the Christian church in Mongolia is growing. It has just launched an evangelistic campaign with the goal of visiting every home in the country in the next two years (From REC News Exchange)

The opposition may be strong, but if Christ wants His Church to grow, it will! The next News Note confirms this as well.

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