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Book Notes

Written by Frederika Pronk
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Several books, suitable for the home, school and church library, were recently received for review. The following are all published or distributed by Inheritance Publications; Canada: Box 154 Neerlandia, Alberta, Canada T0G 1R0, toll free order number telephone and fax 1-800-563-3594; USA: Box 366, Pella, Iowa 50219, toll free order number telephone and fax 1-800-249-2925.

Susanneke by C.J. Van Doornik; paperback; $4.95 Cdn., $3.95 U.S.; 34 pp. The name indicates it is a translation from the Dutch. Suitable for children ages 5 to 8, it will be enjoyed for its interesting and humorous story. It also teaches Biblical tolerance and the right way to accept criticism on a child's level.

The Carpenter of Zerbst by P. de Zeeuw; paperback; 79 pp. This also is a translation of a book and is by a well-known Dutch author. Children ages 7 to 11 will find the story interesting and will also learn how the Reformation was probably experienced from a child's point of view. God's grace shines in the behaviour of believers and the conversion of unbelievers. Heartily recommended.

Dispelling the Tyranny by Piet Prins; paperback, $9.95 Cdn., $8.50 U.S.; 152 pp. This book is the sequel to When the Morning Came and number 2 in the "Struggle for Freedom" series. The author is known for his exciting and wholesome Christian children's books and this one fits that category too. It deals with the struggle for freedom for religion in the Netherlands when it was controlled by the Spanish during the 16th and 17th centuries. Readers will both be entertained and instructed by this exciting story. It shows the power and struggle of faith on a level children can identify with.

Defender of the Faith, William & Mary Trilogy, Volume 2, by Marjorie Bowen; paperback 282 pp.; For God and the King, William and Mary Trilogy, Volume 3, by Marjorie Bowen; paperback, 350 pp. These are the final two volumes of this trilogy which began with I Will Maintain. This set of three historical novels is based on the life of William, Prince of Orange, who became William III, king of England (1650-1702) due to his marriage to the heir to the English throne, princess Mary. The same comments as were made about the first book in this series apply to these two volumes as well (see The Messenger, July/August 1994): "This book is sure to enrich one's understanding of Protestant Holland and will hold the reader spell-bound." Buy, read, enjoy and be instructed!

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