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Australian Program Gets Scripture in Schools

Written by Rev. H.A. Bergsma
In Australia, the teaching of religion is not only allowed, but encouraged. A program in New South Wales has brought dozens of Scripture teachers to government schools, with more expected to come. The New South Wales Education Act in Australia carries a provision for religious education in the schools. This service has traditionally been provided by unpaid volunteers from various denominations. Because of this, however, there has been little cohesiveness in the Biblical instruction. Since 1993, when the first teacher was employed to work at Bomaderry High School, the number of paid Scripture teachers in New South Wales government schools has risen to forty. Schoal Haven High School and Nowra Technology High have expressed interest in receiving Scripture teachers at their schools. (From Facts)

It seems that "down-under" they still have some understanding of what is required for the proper education of youth, while here we are losing it fast.

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