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Christian Reformed Church Synod Rejects Women in Office on Biblical Grounds

Written by Rev. H.A. Bergsma
The Christian Reformed Synod reversed itself this year for the fourth time in five years on the highly divisive question of whether women may be ordained to the offices of minister, elder, and evangelist. By a 95 to 69 vote, delegates to the broadest assembly of the 300,320-member denomination adopted an advisory committee's recommendation "that synod not ratify the change in the Church Order Article 3 as adopted by the Synod of 1993 that 'all confessing members of the church who meet the Biblical requirements are eligible for the offices of minister, elder, deacon, and evangelist' and that the present wording of the Church Order Article 3 be retained." (From Christian Observer)

We are thankful that a majority of brothers have shown willingness to listen to God's Word and were submissive enough to vote accordingly. We pray also that the Lord will give them the strength and wisdom to hold their ground (God's Word) in the difficult time which, no doubt, lays ahead.

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