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Muslims Kill Christians in Indonesia

Written by Rev. H.A. Bergsma
On October 10th, Muslim militants went on a rampage on the island of East Java. Some twenty churches, two schools, an orphanage, and several shops were torched. Rev. Ishak Christian and his wife and two children were among five confirmed dead. The Christian family burned to death in their church. Though the police report is not finished, apparently the riots began during a court hearing involving charges against a Christian charged with blasphemy against Islam. The crowd of several thousand outside the court had been calling for the accused to be executed (From the Christian Observer).

It appears that Indonesia, although officially still a ÒsecularÓ state, is being pressed by Muslim fundamentalists to go the Islamic hard-line way. The Christian way will then not be tolerated, in fact, Christians will then be considered Òheretics,Ó and liabilities to the nation. Another warning that persecution might be just around the corner.

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