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Christian Reformed ChurchÕs First Woman Minister Ordained

Written by Rev. H.A. Bergsma
On August 24, Ruth Hofman was ordained as CRCÕs first woman minister. Her father, Rev. John Hofman, conducted the ordination service in the First Toronto CRC. HofmanÕs ordination service included a message from Joan Flikkema, former head of the Committee of Women in the CRC, and a written message of congratulations from the CRCÕs General Secretary, Dr. David Engelhard. Mary Antonides, pastor-elect of Eastern Avenue CRC in Grand Rapids, noted that Hofman had been a Òrole modelÓ for her. HofmanÕs ordination is expected to be followed in short order by that of Mary Antonides, who has served Eastern Avenue CRC since 1995. A third female candidate for ordination, Mary-Lou Bouma of Trinity CRC in Mt. Pleasant, cannot be ordained unless Classis Northern Michigan reverses a March decision not to declare the word ÒmaleÓ in the denominational church order to be inoperative. (Gleaned from Christian Renewal)

Ruth Hofman is said to be Òthoroughly Reformed, true to the confessionsÓ (Dr. Melvin Hugen) and by her own admission wanting to live by Scripture. The question needs to be asked if her being ordained a minister is Reformed, true to the confessions and living by Scripture! We would have to answer; No!

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