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Scots Presbyterians Address Marriage and Sanctity of Life

Written by Rev. H.A. Bergsma
The Free Presbyterian Church of Scotland protested the new Family Law bill that would relax requirements for divorce. At a synod meeting in May, the church expressed its concern for the trauma of broken families and for the extra strain on the nationÕs resources that an increased divorce rate would bring. The synod called on the parliament to take steps to prevent the erosion of marriage by keeping lengthier periods before divorce is final, by restoring marriage tax allowances and by encouraging generous, positive teaching about marriage in the schools. The Free Presbyterians also discussed an increased abortion rate and tendencies in society that would allow euthanasia. With these developments, they said, ÒBritain has descended to a degree of barbarity hitherto unknown among us.Ó They asked the government to repeal the Abortion Act, and to make no change in the law in the direction of euthanasia. (From REC News Exchange)

If only governments would listen to such wise words. We know from experience on this side of the ocean that governments have a different agenda than that of conservative churches. May God have mercy on us and our governments.

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