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Concern Raised Over United Nations Food Summit

Written by Rev. H.A. Bergsma
A U.S. delegation to NovemberÕs United Nations world food summit is likely to promote Òpopulation stabilizationÓ and Òfamily planningÓ as a means of protecting world food security. According to a July 29 report from the CWN news service, the Clinton administration has circulated a position paper expressing support for population control measures. The U.S. position also calls on participating countries to adopt national policies favouring voluntary population stabilization. Pro-life and pro-family groups interpret population stabilization to mean the promotion of artificial means of birth control, legalized abortion (including partial-birth abortion), and sterilization. Many of these policies have arisen at previous U.N. world conferences. The true nature of these anti-population proposals is often hidden in such ambiguous phrases as reproductive choice and family planning. (From the Interim)

President Clinton has attempted to appear moderate, especially with the start of the Democratic national convention in August. However, we have recognized the presidentÕs extreme position on human life issues.

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