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Sunday, 29 November -0001 18:42

ChretienÕs Popularity Questioned

Written by Rev. H.A. Bergsma
A local paper (The London Free Press) announced in its September 21 headlines that ÒChretienÕs popularity is evident in OntarioÑand very solid.Ó It further revealed that this popularity Ògoes beyond the adoration of Pierre Trudeau in 1966 and beyond the temporary enthusiasm for John Diefenbaker a decade earlier.Ó But what is our ÒpopularÓ Prime Minister doing in the meantime? From ClC National News we learn that Chretien is in the process of dumping democracy, for he has announced that he has plans to eliminate nomination meetings. Apparently, some years ago for instance, Chretien advised pro-lifers who wanted to change the laws on abortion to join their favourite political party and work from within and not outside the political system. But, before the last federal election campaign (1993), many pro-life Liberals who were working inside the system and were on the verge of winning nomination battles, Chretien appointed his own candidates (all pro-abortion), thereby stripping grassroots Canadians of their democratic rights. ÒThe Liberal party is returning to its traditions: righteousness, rectitude and the divine right of politicians. The party plans to eliminate nomination meetings, a system not unlike that in Iran, in which those in power choose who stay in power. How handy that will be. No more bothersome pressure groups of minority candidates. No nonsense about MPsÕ mistresses and misdeeds. The Grits are spraying herbicide on the grass roots of Canadian politics!Ó (From CLC National News).

It is to be questioned whether Chretien should be as popular as he is touted to be.

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