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Calvinism Considered by Orthodox Russians

Written by Rev. H.A. Bergsma
Calvinist theologians from Hungary, the Netherlands and North America joined Orthodox theologians for discussions in St. Petersburg, Russia, last October. It was the seventh conference on Orthodoxy and Calvinism organized by some Dutch churches. There is little literature on Calvin available in the Russian language. A set of excerpts from Calvin's Institutes published as The Golden Book was presented at the conference. A book of Calvinist social commentary, The Basic Ideas of Calvinism, by Henry Meeter, also was admired by the Orthodox participants. The conference took place on the grounds of "Open Christianity," an ecumenical institute headed by an Orthodox scholar, Konstatin Ivanov. Ivanov said little is known about Calvin in Russia, but most Russians have an image of him as a stern father. (From REC News Exchange).

It is wonderful that something of Calvin is being read and appreciated. We can only hope that some of Calvin's sermons can soon be translated into Russian, especially those on the first chapters of Job. That should give them a different image of Calvin.

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