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Old Testament Translation Project

Written by Rev. Ken Herfst
After three years of absence because of Biblical and linguistic studies in North America, we welcome the DeSterke family back to Cubulco. Gary and Martha were very instrumental in getting the mission work in Cubulco off the ground and it is good to have them back.

We have seen very clearly the need for an Achi translation of the Old Testament. The importance of this work can hardly be over-emphasized. Missionaries come and go; churches are formed, members pass away and another generation takes their place, but God's Word remains constant. If the Lord tarries, those involved in the formation of the church will be a distant and obscure memory, but God's Word will be there to guide, convict, teach and encourage, to transform lives. The legacy of an Achi translation will last until our Lord returns... and then into eternity! The greatest gift that we as churches can give the Achi people is God's Word in their own language.

If the value of such a translation is tremendous, so is the work involved. The challenge of translating God's Word faithfully into a non-western language is immense. We are, however, confident that the Holy Spirit Who inspired the text, will likewise equip those engaged in the translation work, so that God's Word will speak to the Achi.

We thank God for the provision of Leonardo, a young zealous Achi believer who is consumed with a burden to see the Old Testament translated into the language of his people. Leonardo will work along-side Gary as they begin translating Genesis. We covet your prayers for this important work.

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