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CGKN Sever Ties With CRC

Written by Rev. H.A. Bergsma
By a margin of 42 to 10, the CGKN (Christelijke Gereformeerde Kerken in Nederland, our sister church) voted on October 19 to sever ties with the CRC (Christian Reformed Churches) in North America. According to CGKN Ecumenical Deputy, Rev. Paul den Butter, all previous discussions and expressions of deep concern have made no difference. Those concerns were, among other reasons, the CRC's views on the authority of Scripture, allowing women as ministers, and its continuing ties with the GKN (Gereformeerde Kerken in Nederland) which is tolerant of practising homosexual ministers. Rev. den Butter expressed no doubts whatsoever that the relationship of ecclesiastical fellowship with the CRC should be severed. After an overwhelming majority of synod delegates voted to sever ties, the synod's chairman, Rev. M.C. Tanis, remarked: "All of us are feeling some pain now, but brothers, be sure of this: we could not decide otherwise." (From United Reformed News Service)

As painful as it may be, we cannot agree more with Rev. Tanis; the CGKN could not decide otherwise. May the CRC yet be brought to repent of its sinful ways.

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