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Covenant and Election by Dr. J. Van Genderen; Inheritance Publications, Box 154, Neerlandia, Alberta, Canada T0G 1R0; Box 366, Pella, Iowa, 50219 U.S.A.; 110 pp.; paperback.
The author is well-known and appreciated in conservative Reformed circles in the Netherlands for his orthodoxy and precise theology. He recently retired as professor of the Theological University of the Christelijke Gereformeerde Kerken (sister church of the Free Reformed Churches) at Apeldoorn, the Netherlands. Originally published in Dutch as Verbond en Verkiezing, this book provides a brief, but scholarly survey of contemporary issues in covenant theology. The translation was done by your editor.

Divided into two parts, the first section deals with the relationship between covenant and election. In this section the positions held by Kersten, Steenblok, Heyns, Kuyper, Woelderink, Schilder and Hoeksema--all representing various Reformed denominations--are noted and discussed. The section concludes with a chapter showing the harmony of covenant and election in Scripture.

The second part gives a historical survey beginning with the Reformers to influential modern theologians such as Karl Barth and H. Berkhof. Van Genderen sets forth the various contemporary covenant views, tracing the influences of the Reformers, the Puritans, and the Dutch Second Reformation.

Anyone interested in learning more about the important doctrine of the covenant in its relation to election will find this book invaluable. Especially our young people will benefit from Van Genderen's clear exposition of the covenant view held by the Free Reformed churches in the Netherlands and North America. Some of it makes for tough reading, especially the section on modern theology, but a careful and patient perusal will be amply rewarded.

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