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Synod of the Canadian Reformed Churches

Written by Rev. H.A. Bergsma
The Canadian Reformed Churches meet in general synod once every three years. In 1992 it was held in Lincoln, Ontario; this year it was held in Abbotsford, British Columbia from May 9 to 23. Rev. J.DeGelder functioned as chairman of synod. It appears that their Book of Praise will be revised by deleting the historical prefaces to the Canons of Dort and the Heidelberg Catechism, "because they are not readily understandable to one who is not familiar with their historical context." A revised text for the Nicene Creed will also be considered by the churches. The synod will recommend the NIV for use in the churches, since it was found to be "a faithful and readable translation of the Scriptures." Synod, however, also recommended to leave it "in the freedom of the churches if they feel compelled to use another translation." For the Theological College, Synod recommended that Prof. N.H. Gootjes be appointed as Principal for the period of September 1996 to September 1999. Expansion of the college facilities will also be considered. Hope was expressed that within the next three years a relationship of "Ecclesiastical Fellowship" could be established with the Orthodox Presbyterian Church.

A final note yet is that Synod appointed a committee "to take up contact with the Free Reformed Churches of North America." (As gleaned from Clarion, June 16)

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