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Christ for Russia Publishes Catechisms

Written by Rev. H.A. Bergsma
Christ for Russia has distributed 200,000 copies of its 40-page bilingual catechism in the former Soviet Union. Based on the Heidelberg Catechism, the booklet presents the Reformed faith in 20 lessons. Many of these manuals were distributed by Operation Mobilization from its ship, Doulos, based on the Black Sea. Russians eager to learn English have ordered 300,000 more copies. Translations of the Bible and Islam by Rev. B. Madany and L. Berkhof's Summary of Christian Doctrine are available and only await the proper printer. The mission is seeking 10,000 used English editions of Berkhof for joint distribution with the Russian edition. Christ for Russia has also entered a joint venture with the Liberated Dutch Church (GKN.VRG) to sponsor a seminary in Beregovo, Western Ukraine. While the local Carpathian Reformed Church prepares its own ministers at Debrecen, Hungary, there is much enthusiasm among the Hungarian Reformed Churches for developing Reformed Churches outside the historic Hungarian area in Ukraine. Nearly all of the 100 students enroled represent the target community beyond the Diaspora. Another 150 Ukrainian Protestant congregations in Eastern Ukraine's Donetk Basin have requested a seminary. These congregations consist primarily of miners and are nominally Baptist, but have relied on the Back to God Hour for most of their theological instruction. Rev. P. Brouwer of Edgerton, MN, has accepted appointment as Vice President for Ecclesiastical Affairs. His first task will be to seek cooperative support from North America's more than 30 Reformed denominations for the seminaries in Ukraine. Christ for Russia self-consciously seeks to follow the interdenominational example set by the Transylvania Reformed Assistance Committee which works among the Diaspora Churches in Romania. (Christian Observer, Dec.1994) It is good to hear that the Reformed faith is also having inroads in the former Soviet Union.
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