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Annual Radio Broadcast Report

Written by Rev. C. Pronk
Spreading the Word of God may be likened to spreading thistledown, especially when it is done by the airwaves. The responses received this past year bear this out and by giving this annual report we share some of the responses.

Although we have reason to rejoice because our Lord continues to use the radio ministry, we also have concerns, which mainly centre on finances. Some years ago a large sum of money was received from an estate with the condition that it be used to expand the radio ministry. These funds are now depleted and we have had to drop several stations this past year. Perhaps this also is the reason why the amount of responses have dropped for the first time in more than 25 years. Finances partly contributed to the decision to move the program to a different spot on shortwave frequency.

While the number of letters and unsolicited donations received from listeners have dropped off, the kind of response that was received has been encouraging and our mailing of printed copies of the messages has actually increased. This, no doubt is due to several reasons. One is no doubt due to the publicity given through the Banner of Truth Trust magazine. An interesting development from this has been a contact with a Christian radio station in Norway which now uses some of our messages for an English language program (see letter below). Another boost which increased exposure and the mailing list were the outreach activities of the Langley congregation's Evangelism Committee. They did this by financing the reprinting of copies of radio booklets which they distributed at a regional Mission Fest and at malls.

It seems we are also reaching Canadian listeners with names and language skills which indicate they are from non-English ethnic backgrounds, asking for information. Requests from various countries in Africa, Asia and even Europe, continue to come in for printed copies of radio booklets, often accompanied with requests for financial support and equipment to use to propagate the Gospel. Messages on the Lord's Prayer, The Ten Commandments and some individual messages, including those of our associate radio pastor, Rev. H. Overduin, have been translated for use by pastors or missionaries. Samples of such translations are sometimes included with a request for funds for printing, Bibles, study aids and literature. Requests for Bibles are forwarded to appropriate Bible Societies, but we are not aware of funding to finance other projects.

Norway - I would like to thank you for your help and willingness, giving us good biblical messages for our English programs here in Stavanger. After many years of seeking ways to get the program on the air, we are at last able to give the English speaking community in this town a good evangelical choice on the air.

Zambia (a pastor) - I read one of your radio publications which really was encouraging. I request you to be sending 2 copies of each message... [After asking for equipment, photocopier, typewriter, he writes], the few copies I was given, I have started teaching; they are so inspiring.

Tonawanda, NY - I was driving on the thruway and heard your talk. It was so enlightening that I just had to write and get a copy of it so I can keep in closer touch with the beautiful truth about Jesus. It truly is precious to hear the truth expressed in such a way that it can penetrate the "old man" that I am, but seem to separate from that sometimes... Could I subscribe for a year?

Brampton, Ontario - I "faithfully" listen to your program on Sunday a.m. and would like to ask for a big favour. Would it be possible to send me the sermons on the covenant of works and the covenant of grace? We are discussing these at our women's society meetings and I very much appreciated your explanations.

Downsview, Ontario - I heard your message about the tree of good and evil on 107.9 FM. I am writing this letter to ask for one copy of the message to help me in the Christian race. (In subsequent correspondence we gave some help in explaining the trinity and baptism)

London, Ontario - Please send me a transcript of message given Jan.30'94. Also put me on your mailing list. Do you have catalogs and or any other information?

Victoria, BC - I would like to order the message on the book of Genesis. I enjoyed it very much, and want to give it to a niece of mine, who is involved with the wrong man. She will not listen to her Christian parents, and thought when I heard the sermon, I would like to give it to her.

Sparta, Michigan - I was listening to Sunday's sermon today, and I enjoyed the last five minutes. But since I missed the rest of it, please mail me, if possible, a transcript. I have heard you before and am grateful to the Lord that sound teaching is still possible on the radio. I've walked with Christ for only a short five years...

Little River, SC - Enclosed is my check for ... You have me on your mailing list to receive your radio broadcast publications. It is always a blessing to me. Please keep me on your mailing list.

Seattle, WA. - I listen to your message each Sunday. I want to be on your mailing list... I want to know can you be saved once, go off course, get un-saved-get saved again - go off course, ... and it continues like that until you die and then you go to heaven or hell, or go to heaven and get no rewards? (This listener was one of several who was referred to Pastor Gangar, our home missionary)

Lacombe, Alberta - Enclosed you will find a cheque for the radio broadcast. Keep up the good work of spreading the Gospel. Too bad we can't get it here, but when we are in BC we have heard it on the car driving.

Burma (a pastor) - Please send me your radio church material for my ministry. Could you please give me permission to translate your book in the language of Myanmar to distribute to the people of Myanmar? ... I am hoping that it will be a great tool for the precious souls of the Myanmar. [Of course, permission was gladly given, CP. In a subsequent letter he writes] I am interested to know more about the mission and the ministry of the Free Reformed Churches of North America. Could you pleas inform me about the doctrine and teaching and the constitution and by-laws of the church? ... I want to have affiliation with this Church for the extension of the kingdom, if our doctrines are similar and also you are interested. There are 42 million people who do not know about Jesus in our country... I am translating your booklet "Jericho Taken by Faith." Please pray for the translation and the printing that the people of Myanmar are waiting and eager to read this material as soon as it is ready.

Seattle, WA - On the above date I hear a sermon that I loved and want to pass on to others. I would like the printed form and tape... Is there any way I could automatically get your messages? (Another referral to Pastor Gangar was made, CP)

Italy - I still receive regularly the radio sermons of the Banner of Truth. They are always a means of edification. I have translated many of them in Italian. It would be wonderful if some day they might be available to the public.

Kitchener - I would be grateful to receive a printed copy of the message concerning Noah finding grace in the eyes of God. There was quite a bit of disturbance on the radio and I missed a fair portion.

Markham, Ontario - I have heard your broadcast for the firs time and enjoyed the message of August 7, ending of which compared the rainbow as God's sign and covenant to preserve all that trust His grace. I tried to tape it but was interrupted. I believe you have a printed copy of it... I try to share these things with others both saved and unsaved.

Tacoma, WA - Please send me a copy of your broadcast of 7-31-94. I'd never heard you before. Pleas put me on mailing list and list times of broadcast.

Columbia - (retired missionary) I received the second series of messages on Genesis and it is very interesting and I would like to have the first booklet too. Any other material that you have would be greatly appreciated either in Spanish or English. It's very difficult to receive material here in Spanish. It's very expensive.

Richmond Hill, Ontario - I enjoy listening to your broadcast on WDCX. I have been blessed by them. I was especially blessed with the broadcast on Sunday, November 27th. Would you be kind enough to mail me a printout of the copy?

Myrtle Beach, SC - Could I be placed on your material list for your radio messages. Would you also send me short wave frequency list? Do you have a series of tapes on the Heidelberg Catechism?

Smithville, Ontario - I would very much like to receive your messages on a regular basis. Thank you very much for the one I received on "Faith of Our Fathers." What you said is all so true. We pray that God will continue to bless you as you proclaim the truth.

Thorold, Ontario - I stumbled across your address while reading a radio station brochure. I had just been reading a book by Thomas Boston published by Banner of Truth in London, England. I would be interested in knowing more about your ministry. If possible please send a statement of faith.

The excerpts from some of the letters received this past year confirm God's promise that His Word will not return unto Him void (Isa.55:11). What an incentive to keep on giving the radio ministry your prayerful support.

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