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Harold Camping Misses End-Times Deadline

Written by Rev. H.A. Bergsma
September 1994 came and went, but the Lord did not return. Harold Camping said he somehow misunderstood the importance of the Jewish Feast of Tabernacles in figuring out the time of Christ's return. He claimed, however, that Christ should still come before the end of 1994, and that the longer period of time could turn out to be a "blessing," because it could help reveal who truly converted to Christ due to his predictions. Two years ago Camping predicted that Christ would return in judgment between September 15 and 27, 1994. Camping, who considers himself a Reformed a-millennialist, published his claims in books, "1994?" and "Are You Ready?" and propagated his views as host of Open Forum, a Christian talk-show on his Family Radio stations. Questioned why his claims have not happened, Camping says God is "trying the righteous," an explanation he bases on Jeremiah 20:7ff. "Jeremiah had heard what God said, but he misunderstood exactly how it would work out," Camping says. He surmises that perhaps God "allowed" him to write his books "for his own purposes. One of the reasons is he is trying the righteous." Some Family Radio on-air hosts, challenged Camping's teachings during broadcasts in September and there are reports of Family Radio workers' unrest concerning Camping's continued teachings. (Christianity Today, October 24, 1994).
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