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St. Petersburg Swimming Pool Becomes Church Again

Written by Rev. H.A. Bergsma
After forty years as a swimming pool, St. Peter's Church in St. Petersburg, Russia, is being restored to use as a church. The building was confiscated in 1937 by the Soviet state, and made into a swimming pool in 1950. Two years ago the pool went bankrupt. St. Peter's is the former seat of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Russia. Today the bishop has his office in the former sauna, where he keeps quite warm (REC News Exchange, September) It is good to hear of churches being used as churches. Wish it was that way in our land!

Editor's Note: Since our ministers and churches have had relations with Harold Camping, associated with the Family Radio network, based in California, and the Alameda Bible Church which grew out of his radio ministry, we give a summary of a report which we recently read.

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