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Banner of Truth Radio Broadcast Radio Ministry of the Free Reformed Churches of North America

Written by Rev. C. Pronk
The Banner of Truth radio ministry has continued for another year and the Lord has provided in many ways. Although on a lesser scale (see reasons below), we continue to get letters from new listeners. What is significant is that we increasingly receive letters from third world countries. No doubt this is due to the distribution of printed messages which have been mailed for many years. We receive many requests for Bibles and Christian literature from these countries, sometimes from students, but also from pastors and evangelists (a sample of some of these letters are included below). Because we are a radio ministry we cannot answer all these requests. Filling them all would be too costly--even mailing costs alone. Neither are we able to check whether these requests are all legitimate (new Bibles and literature could be sold for money, for example). Sometimes the requests seem very genuine. For that reason, on a very limited basis, we think it warranted to send good, used Bibles or Christian study material when we can be reasonably certain these requests are legitimate. We therefore welcome from anyone reading this, good, used Bibles and Bible study material for this purpose. Please note that we always answer all requests by placing them on our mailing list to receive printed copies of selected messages.

A concern we have about radio broadcasting in Canada is that another station has dropped our program because it changed its focus to all-secular programming. Although our program can be heard in Canada via American stations (WDCX in Ontario and KARI in British Columbia), this seems a sad reflection on the state of Christianity in Canada. WeÕre presently looking for another radio station in Ontario, Canada, and are waiting to hear from Christian radio stations which are still in the planning stage. The options are pretty well limited to Christian stations, since the rates of the secular radio stations which still do carry religious programs is prohibitive. If anyone has knowledge of stations which will carry our radio program at a reasonable cost, your input is welcomed. Please note that we do get lots of offers from American radio stations, so we are looking for either Canadian radio stations and/or foreign countries.

As has become an annual custom, we share some letters for mutual encouragement, showing that the Lord continues to use this ministry.

Rochester, Washington: So grateful you can share in print your message... The donation isnÕt much, and I have had to curtail giving, but I know your ministry uses money for GodÕs glory.

Kitchener, Ontario: May I have a copy of your radio sermon heard Feb.4/96 over WDCX concerning ÒMy Grace is sufficient for theeÓ?

Vancouver, B.C.: I love to hear your program after hearing it about a month...I cannot write properly, so forgive me...

Seattle, Washington: Please send me a copy of what was broadcast over station KGNW March 10, 1996 for people who are afraid God has abandoned them... How about a future sermon to help people if they have backslidden?

Kentwood, Michigan: Yesterday, Sunday April 28, we were listening to you on the radio. I think it was station WFUR. We enjoyed your sermon so very much...we would like a copy of your sermon...

Kalamazoo, Michigan: To Free Reformed church - I would like to have you know, I am a faithful listener. The messages are so fundamental. My station is WFUR.

Spring Lake, Michigan: I would greatly appreciated a copy of the delivery given this past Sunday morning (June 9th) over station WFUR. I was unable to get the address which was given rather quickly; therefore, I could not write for a copy at that time...

Hamilton, Ontario: I listen to your broadcast each Sunday morning as I sit outside my church waiting for the early service to end... I found this morningÕs sermon (talk) extremely interesting as I have just finished listening to the Genesis chapter. We continue to look for stations which will carry the radio program at a reasonable cost... Will you please send me two copies of todayÕs broadcast?

Attica, N.Y. (an inmate at Attica Correctional Facility): I have enjoyed your broadcasts. Please place me on your mailing list. Do you have a catalog of books and tapes? I am also interested in Jonathan Edwards-Ñbooks by and about him.

Bowmanville, Ontario: I am writing to you in regard to your message I heard on the radio in regard to the Òfourth day.Ó As people in our church, we applaud your very informative and extensive way of dealing with the creation issue. It is obvious to us how very much you are in tune with the fact that many Christian churches today have totally missed the opportunity in dealing with this very important issue, the results of which has ripped many once doctrinally sound churches apart for lack of identifying the origin of their dilemma.

Forest Grove, Oregon: I want to tell you how much I enjoy your program on Sunday morning on KPDQ. Can you tell me the correct speakerÕs name? My church is the Nazarene... Please tell me how to receive written material?

King City, Oregon: I would like a printed copy of the radio broadcast dated Nov.3, 1996. This program, I believe, was about death and our preparation for this end of life... You present the message in a manner that listeners understand...

Cologne, Minnesota: I saw in the Banner of Truth magazine about the radio ministry of the FRC. Would like to get what info is available about it as well as frequencies...

From radio station owner, with a small donation: In a work full of negative radio such as Shock Jocks, we are thankful for your programs with a positive Christian message.

Ghana: Please, the reason why we are writing you this letter is that we are short of Holy Bible and books...

Ghana: I thank you very much for placing me on your mailing list and very much hopeful that you will continue to assist us all the time.

India: I am an evangelist and pastor named ... working in GodÕs vineyard. I have been serving our Lord and evangelizing a remote village of South India, called... It is full of Hindu idolaters worshipping the nature, i.e., sun, moon, stars and trees and animals as gods and goddesses. God has given me the vision and burden for the salvation of these lost souls... Would you please send to me your valuable messages of tapes or published literature?

India (a mission organization): I appreciated the ÒStudies in HoseaÓ booklet we already received. This book (and all other study materials we might receive from you) will be placed in our library. The theological students, the high-school students and the staff will be benefited by these materials...

Ghana: IÕm a pastor of ... in the northern part of our country. It is a Òhard rockÓ area where the penetration of the Gospel is not easy and the few we reached, some are going back for strong persecutions theyÕre exposed to. It is a Muslim dominated area so they become aggressive if and when their children, friends or any Muslim comes to Christ... We need to establish the very ÒsecretÓ few by giving them Bibles and other materials, but alas we canÕt get. Pastor, extend this message to the congregation and all of you should kindly remember us in your prayers and if anybody is touched by God to give any assistance...

Kenya (a former student at Reformed Bible College): The Banner of Truth radio ministry of the FRCNA continues to be a wonderful blessing to our family and especially to myself as a preacher... We kindly request that you keep us on your mailing list under our new address.

South Africa: Please could you put my name on your mailing list.

Nigeria: I thank our Lord for how He has been using material from your ministry to bless and strengthen more souls for the work of the Lord. Brethren, I am writing you for you to include my name into your main list, for those who will be receiving Christian literature...

Zimbabwe: We are in need of Bibles (chichewa version)...

Singapore: I have been reading ÒThe MessengerÓ for the past ten months. It has not only enriched me but also given me the opportunity to absorb extra spiritual food. The publication also increased my awareness that there are other brethren who cherish the reformed faith on the other side of the globe... As a member of the Young Adult Fellowship (9-member team) in my church, I have much joy in sharing books and articles which are edifying and doctrinally sound... Therefore, it is my hope that you would include my name on your mailing list.

We are thankful for the support that has been received this past year. We trust the foregoing shows that your continued prayers and support are very much needed.

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