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Petition Against Partial-Birth Abortion

Written by Rev. H.A. Bergsma
Classis Zeeland of the Christian Reformed Church in North America will ask by an overture to its synod to condemn partial-birth abortions, and to petition President Clinton and Congress to legislate against abortion. The overture to the synod is in part a response to a presidential veto of a law banning partial-birth abortions. In such an abortion, labour is induced. When the child is partially out of its mother, the base of its skull is cut open and the brains are suctioned out. Then the ÒfetusÓ is fully removed from the mother. Last year, President Clinton vetoed a law that would ban such abortions, saying that several hundred women would die each year if this procedure were not available. (From REC News Exchange)

Any sort of abortion is murder, but certainly, partial-birth abortion is closest to the murder of a physically present and visibly present living human being. How could President Clinton say that if such a (murderous) procedure were not available, several hundred women would die? What could possibly be life-saving about suctioning the brains out of a living infant? May God have mercy on our nation and our leaders, and may He work repentance and a change of heart and ways.

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