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The Sun Moon Cult

Written by Rev. H.A. Bergsma
Sun Myung Moon, the 76-year old cult leader of the Unification church has begun building a $100 million religious and agronomic centre in western Brazil. The church has bought farms totalling 16,000 hectares and plans to purchase another 50,000. The church claims it will produce food on the property that will help end world hunger. The nerve centre is the 250-hectare New Hope Ranch, where housing for 300 workers-worshippers is under construction. Construction will begin soon on a 66,000 square metre temple and training centre. After that will come a fish farm and fish-powder factory, a giant tree plantation, a fruit farm and perhaps high-tech industrial plants. The Moonies are regarded as a cult because they do not believe that ChristÕs mother, Mary, was a virgin. They believe that Moon and his wife are the ÒTrue ParentsÓ who are on earth to finish the job Jesus Òfailed to do.Ó (From Christian Renewal)

How is it possible that a cult movement like the Moonies can amass so much wealth, while Christians, by and large, remain a poor lot? No doubt the devil knows how to make things appealing--and that for his deceptive ends.

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