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The Crusades Re-Visited

Written by Rev. H.A. Bergsma
Several hundreds of people have arrived in Turkey after walking from Cologne, Germany to retrace the steps of the first Crusade. These ÒgrandchildrenÓ of the Crusaders went to ask forgiveness for the sins of their ancestors. April 6, 1996 marked the 900th anniversary of the day when 30,000 Crusaders began the march to former Constantinople. On the first Crusade many Muslim, Jewish and Orthodox Christian villages were plundered. This time the walkers report that they have had an amazing reception. ÒAlong the way both Jews and Muslims told them over and over, this is the message we have waited 900 years to hear,Ó according to Lynn Green, one of the initiators for the walk. Mayors of local towns read the message of reconciliation the walkers had prepared, and posted it for all to see. The walkers wanted Muslims and Jews to see that the cross was not an upside-down sword. (From REC News Exchange)
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