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Help For Pornography Addiction

Written by Rev. H.A. Bergsma
Pure Online ( has announced two new initiatives designed to help college and teenage boys and girls deal with the growing crisis of pornography addiction. "It's a massive problem," says Brandon Cotter, founder and CEO of Pure Online. "Our research indicates hundreds of thousands of young people have significant problems with pornography." The company, which also runs a website that helps married men struggling with porn addiction, has begun enrolling youth in two separate programs--one for boys and one for girls. Cotter points out that Pure Online uses the anonymity of web surfing to its advantage by offering a completely confidential recovery workshop, thereby overcoming what experts and recovering addicts believe to be the biggest obstacle to treatment of sex-related addictions--fear of exposure. The CEO says a key aspect of the program is its delivery system options that allow users to pay by credit card or, if they prefer, to cover the expense using PayPal, a secure and anonymous online payment service. Pure Online's program for married men, launched last year, has already begun helping nearly 1,000 men from 18 different countries. Cotter says porn addiction "infects more than a million men in the United States," and that number is "probably more than double" if one counts college and high-school aged young men and women. (From Crosswalk)
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