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Israeli Government Donates Sea Of Galilee Land

Written by Rev. H.A. Bergsma
In a move to foster tourism, the Israeli government recently donated 35 acres of land near the Sea of Galilee to a small group of Christian leaders invited to attend a series of meetings with the Ministry of Tourism. Describing the land as "priceless," National Association of Evangelicals President Ted Haggard told Charisma magazine that the offer was unexpected. Haggard added that the group isn't sure how it will respond, though the members discussed building a conference centre and resort on the site. Haggard said the land is within eyesight of where most of Jesus' ministry occurred, including the spot where Jesus is believed to have delivered His Sermon on the Mount. He said the offer could present "an opportunity for what has happened in evangelicalism to be memorialized in Israel." It could also boost Israel's economy because tourism is the nation's leading income producer and Christians have continued to visit the area despite long-running and violent land disputes in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. The land offer is contingent upon the government approving of the delegation's use of the property. No timetable has been set for them to respond to the offer. (Charisma News Service)
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