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Saudi Crackdown On Christians

Written by Rev. H.A. Bergsma
The Islamic government of Saudi Arabia has undertaken a crackdown on Christians in that nation, taking them into custody and confiscating their Bibles and religious material. The crackdown, which the Saudi government is denying, is the worst in recent memory, says Jeff King, director of the Interfaith Christian Concern. King says the reason behind the purge is obvious. "The thing that really is the background on all this persecution is that Saudi has a zero-tolerance policy towards other religions," he explains. "They spend billions of dollars building mosques here in America--I mean literally billions of dollars--but in Saudi Arabia, they will arrest, torture, and jail Christians just for having a Bible." Despite denials by the Saudi government, King says there is something "the average Christian" can do about it. "The average Christian out there should call their national legislator--whether it's a congressman, congresswoman, or senator--and ask them to contact the Saudi Embassy and ask them to stop persecuting Christians, especially in light of this recent crackdown," he suggests. King would also like to see demands made on the State Department to pressure the Saudi Muslim government to cease its zero-tolerance policy against all other religions. Will the calls make a difference? "The average Christian has more power than they realize," King says. (From Agape Press)
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