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Psalter 397

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Verse 1
O Lord, Thou art my God and King,
And I will ever bless Thy Name;
I will extol Thee ev'ry day,
And evermore Thy praise proclaim.

Verse 2
The Lord is greatly to be praised,
His greatness is beyond our thought;
From age to age the sons of men
Shall tell the wonders God has wrought.

Verse 3
Upon Thy glorious majesty
And wondrous works my mind shall dwell;
Thy deeds shall fill the worlds with awe,
And of Thy greatness I will tell.

Verse 4
Thy matchless goodness and Thy grace
Thy people shall commemorate,
And all Thy truth and righteousness
My joyful song shall celebrate.

Verse 5
The Lord our God is rich in grace,
Most tender and compassionate;
His anger is most slow to rise,
His loving kindness is most great.

Verse 6
The Lord is good in all His ways,
His creatures know His constant care;
To all His works His love extends,
All men His tender mercies share.

Verse 7
Thy works shall give Thee thanks, O Lord,
Thy saints Thy mighty acts shall show,
Till o'er the earth the sons of men
Thy kingdom, power, and glory know.

Verse 8
Eternal is Thy kingdom, Lord,
Forever strong and ever sure;
While generations rise and die
Shall Thy dominion still endure.

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  • Psalter Number: 397

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