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Psalter 389

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Verse 1
Lord, hear me in distress,
Regard my suppliant cry,
And in thy faithfulness
And righteousness reply
In judgment do not cause
Thy servant to be tried;
Before Thy holy laws
No man is justified.

Verse 2
The enemy has sought
My soul in dust to tread;
To darkness I am brought,
Forgotten as the dead.
My spirit, crushed with grief,
Is sad and overborne;
My heart finds no relief,
But desolate I mourn.

Verse 3
Recalling former days
And all Thy wondrous deeds,
The mem'ry of Thy ways
To hope and comfort leads.
To Thee I stretch my hands,
Let me not plead in vain;
I wait as weary lands
Wait for refreshing rain.

Verse 4
My failing spirit see,
O Lord, to me make haste;
Hide not Thy face from me,
Lest bitter death I taste.
O let the morn return,
Let mercy light my day;
For Thee in faith I yearn,
O guide me in the way.

Verse 5
Lord, save me from my foe,
To Thee for help I flee;
Teach my Thy way to know,
I have no God but Thee.
By Thy good Spirit led
From trouble and distress,
My erring feet shall tread
The path of uprightness.

Verse 6
O Lord, for Thy Name's sake
Revive my fainting heart;
My soul from trouble take,
For just and true Thou art,
Remove my enemy,
My cruel foe reward;
In mercy rescue me
Who am Thy servant, Lord.

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  • Psalter Number: 389

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