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Psalter 386

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Verse 1
O Lord, make haste to hear my cry,
To Thee I call, on Thee rely;
Incline to me a gracious ear,
And, when I call, in mercy hear.

Verse 2
When in the morning unto Thee
I life my voice and bring my plea,
Then let my prayer as incense rise
To God enthroned above the skies.

Verse 3
When unto Thee I look and pray
With lifted hands at close of day,
Then as the evening sacrifice
Let my request accepted rise.

Verse 4
Guard Thou my thoughts, I Thee implore,
And of my lips keep Thou the door;
Nor leave my sinful heart to stray
Where evil footsteps lead the way.

Verse 5
O righteous God, Thy chastisement,
Though sent thro' foes, in love is sent;
Through grievous, it will profit me,
A healing ointment it shall be.

Verse 6
While wickedness my foes devise,
To Thee my constant prayer shall rise;
When their injustice is o'er thrown
My gentleness shall still be shown.

Verse 7
Brought nigh to death and sore distressed,
O Lord, my God, in Thee I rest;
Forsake me not, I look to Thee,
Let my Thy great salvation see.

Verse 8
Themselves entangled in their snare,
Their own defeat my foes prepare;
O keep me, Lord, nor let me fall,
Protect and lead my safe through all.

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  • Psalter Number: 386

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