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The Herfsts

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The Herfsts The Herfsts
Rev. Ken & Mrs. Jackie Herfst

Pastor Ken and Jackie Herfst have been with FRMI since 1991. Their
first field of service was in Cubulco where together with local
leaders, Pastor Ken helped start a number of small churches in the
mountains surrounding Cubulco, Baja Verapaz. In addition to church
planting, he provided theological training for the emerging
leadership. That training was done in conjunction with the Seminario
Evangélico Presbiteriano located near San Felipe in southwest
Guatemala. After 2 years on Vancouver Island (2002-2004), this
seminary invited Ken to join their teaching staff. The Herfsts
returned to Guatemala in 2004. In addition to his work as professor at
SEP, Ken teaches at another local Presbyterian seminary and an
evangelical university in Quetzaltenango. He regularly provides
conferences for national church leaders, presbyteries and local
churches. As of January 2011, the Herfsts serve a small struggling
Presbyterian church in Quetzaltenango and seek to apply principles of
urban missions in Guatemala’s second largest city.

One of Ken’s passions is working with young adults. Twice a month, a
group gathers with him to study Biblical Theology.

In addition to his teaching role, pastor Herfst is president of
Asociación Saq B’e – a Christian development organization. Jackie
serves as treasurer of Saq B’e.  She is also a member of the
Inter-American Christian School board and is involved in a women’s
Bible study. Jackie ensures that visitors are well supplied with
coffee and baked goods.

In 2010, the National Evangelical Presbyterian Church of Guatemala
requested that professor Herfst’s contract be extended for another 10
years. This was endorsed by the FRCNA. Four of Ken and Jackie’s
children currently live in Canada; Jerusha, their youngest still lives
with them in Guatemala. They also have three grandchildren.

Rev. and Mrs. Ken Herfst
41 Avendia 1-59 Apartamento 9a
Condomino San Jose, Zona 8,
Quetzaltenango, Guatemala, C.A.

Mailing Address:
Carlos Herfst, Section 60003,
P.O. Box 02-5339
Miami, FL 33102-5339 USA
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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